Burr Oak Stock Farm (BOSF) Pembroke Welsh  Corgis & West Highland White Terriers

Our Corgis

We have been raising quality Pembroke Welsh Corgis for decades. We take pride in our breeding program, and you can rest assured, when you purchase a puppy from us, it has been well cared for and comes from breeding stock we are happy to include in our family. Puppies arrive at varying times during the year. Please contact us for availability or to be put on our waiting list.

Prices start at $1500

BOSF Corgi puppies
Happy Puppies
BOSF Corgi and Beautiful Bride
Bosf puppy, happy boy

Our Westies

**BOSF WILL HAVE NO WESTIES AVAILABLE UNTIL SUMMER OF 2022. Our waiting list is full; please check back next summer to see if we've had any waiting list cancellations.**

Westie Puppy
westie puppy
BOSF Daffodil BOSF Camelia From San Fran
Jan P.

"Our BOSF Westie puppy is doing so well, sleeping all night, eating lots of kibble, and even going potty outside. We love her lots! -Jan P.

BOSF westies
peeking BOSF puppy